Canterbury Varsity 2017: See all our live feeds here

Our team was very proud to cover Canterbury Varsity 2017. See all our live blogs here.

We were there from the first splash on Thursday morning to the last crunching tackle on Wednesday night.

CCCU’s teams did an amazing job representing our university against UKC.

We had such a good time covering every event live that we wanted to put all our content in one handy place so you could see it forever… Or at least until Canterbury Varsity 2018.

Our Canterbury Varsity 2017 live feeds

Here’s day one: Varsity 2017 live: Swimming at Kingsmead – as it happened

This was day two: Varsity 2017 live: Lacrosse, football and cheerleading at UKC

Lots happening on day three: Varsity 2017 live: Cross country, badminton, volleyball and basketball

Wall-to-wall netball on day four: Varsity 2017 live: Netball 1s, 2s, 3s and 4s all in action

Massive Monday: Varsity 2017 Monday live: Tennis, football and hockey – as it happened

Here’s day six: Varsity 2017 live: Equestrian, rugby and snow!

The finale: Varsity 2017 live: Last day!

We may have not taken the overall crown (always next year) but there were still some fine performances.

Women’s football and hockey 1s emerged victorious in their games while the rugby 1s double was done with stunning win from both teams.

The dates have not been decide for next year’s Varsity contest but Unified will be there again ready to cover all the action.

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