WATCH: Touchline chaos at Men’s football 2nds

C4 fans were treated to a spectacular game of football on Monday night. (Feb 12) So much so they couldn’t keep off the pitch.

Both the home and the away fans at this final football game of Varsity 2018 were getting rowdy. The game went down to the wire with the score being 1-1 at the end of the 90 minutes.

There was also a red card given to a C4 player after a push on a UKC man.

But just before extra time some fans started arguing on the touchline with CCSU Sports President Biba Chuta.

Biba tried to keep the men off the pitch and stop interrupting the game but they took no notice.

The heated exchange came after some excited supporters kept edging onto the pitch.

WATCH the footage below, skip to 41.25

Sports President Biba asked them to ‘get off the pitch’ three times but they didn’t listen.

The linesman couldn’t escape without receiving some abuse from the CCCU fans.

The game was eventually won by UKC after going down to penalties. (5-3)

Watch the first as well as the penalties below.

Mens first half:

Men’s penalties:

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