Varsity 2018 round up: Day 5 – Tennis, Football & Hockey

Mega Monday featured 11 fixtures from three very different sports. Find out how C4 performed in the Tennis, Football and Hockey.

Women’s football 2’s

For the first time in Varsity history there was a women’s 2s match in the football – and it didn’t disappoint.

CCCU dominated the majority of the game, taking a 1-0 lead into half-time after a thunderous effort from Willet was lashed across the keeper.
There were some heavy tackles throughout the game, more than you’d expect as the game didn’t count for a point (as it’s the first year, it isn’t scored).

Out came the teams for the second half and UKC started the better and got their goal thanks to an incredible solo effort.

But CCCU didn’t let this phase them as they instantly replied with a bullet header after some great wing play from star player Willet.

A quick change to 4-4-2 as the game went into it’s dying embers was a spark of brilliance. The C4 girls were looking tired and needed some structure to not concede another goal.

It worked for them and the C4 side got the first win of the day.

Men’s Football 4’s

A feisty game from the off in the mens 4s game as tackles were flying in and players received yellow cards left, right and centre.

UKC scored first and pegged CCCU back, but it didn’t take long for the C4 boys to get on the scoresheet themselves thanks to some lovely build up play and a header from the back post.

Unfortunately as the game went on the Kent side got successful from a counter and slotted past the Christ Church keeper to make it 2-1. Another goal in the last minutes of the game sealed the win for Kent on a hard day at the office for CCCU.

Interview with Captain Josh Karl Vincent

Men’s Football 3’s

The crowd were buzzing for this match after the earlier disappointment in the football.

They were loud from the off and out sung any UKC fans that actually turned up.

Much like the C4 fans, the mens 3s completely outclassed their opposition on the pitch.

A penalty from Luke McHugh put them in front, and their lead was soon doubled after a fantastic goal from the C4 striker. He brought the ball down in the area, swivelled and drilled it into the bottom corner.

From then on it was easy work for the Christ Church side who cruised the victory and got the first point of the day in Football.

Men’s Football 2’s

Like the games earlier in the day, this match followed suit as the fiercest of all with touch-line antics and a red card taking over.

The game ended 1-1 all after C4 took a good lead after a great dribble and a decent tap in.

UKC responded when a free kick from the left side was whipped in and no C4 man was marking his opponent who nodded the ball in.

Then controversy struck as a C4 man was sent off for pushing a UKC player in the chest.

He was shown a straight red for this.

C4 looked great with only 10 men, but some awesome keeper heroics from both teams denied any more goals in normal time.

C4 went to lose 5-3 on penalties amidst some controversy on the touch-line during the match.

WATCH: Touchline chaos at Men’s football 2nds

Men’s Tennis 2’s

It was a promising start for CCCU, as they were collecting points.

This quickly shifted as UKC grasped C4’s game plan and switched the dynamic of the game.

Resulting in winning most of the games including 1 of 2 men’s double tennis match.

Most UKC players smashed CCCU 6-0 and 6-1 making is harder each time for C4 to make a remarkabe return.

The domination got to the C4 players but didn’t cause them to lose determination.

A player from the C4 side, commented on how he felt the game resulted.

Men’s Hockey 2’s

A fantastic start from CCCU players as they dominating the half part of the game with great team work.

Resulting in an 1-0 lead which was deeply supported from the fans as they chanted with great joy.

The motivation later led the team to a 2-0 lead.

At this point, it was only certain C4 were going to be victorious, however the dynamic of the game changed as UKC switched their game plan and begun to capitvate on every move CCCU made.

This reulted in them scoring and making the goal difference closer (2-1)

They grasped onto the idea of wanting to smash CCCU and did that as they scored another point to equalise with the team.

At this point it was neck to neck and the game could have been anyone’s but UKC stuck to their guns and carried on pushing against C4.

This resulted in them smashing another point and being in the lead with 3-2.

At the end of the game, we interviewed the captain, Blair Douglas as he explained how he felt the game went.

Men’s Tennis 1’s

With the earlier loss, the latest CCCU men’s enterted the court with the inention of of claiming their victory.

Very quickly it went sour as Kent dominated most of the games.

CCCU won games but it wasn’t enough as Kent had won a lot more.


Women’s Hockey 2’s

CCCU once agin lost another chance as UKC smashed C4 6-0.

Here’s an interview with one of the players.

Men’s Hockey 1’s

What seemed like a promising start, changed into a game of UKC dominating CCCU smashing them 8-2 at the end of the game.

C4 gave it their best shot, but it wasn’t enough as the goal difference had a big gap.

Captain, Sam George gave an interview of how he felt the game went.

Despite the loss, the lads gave it their best shot and we are still proud.

Women’s Hockey 1’s

CCCU made the fan’s proud after they gained a 5-1 win against UKC.

C4 were given an advantage after UKC player was sent off, awarding CCCU with a penalty.

Although they missed the opporunity, they didn’t give up and kept it pushing.

We spoke to team captain, Laura who expressed her joy over the win against UKC.


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