Varsity 2018 round up: Day 4 – Jiu-Jitsu, Netball & American Football

Sonny Snelling & Sean McPolin

Christ Church headed into the fourth day of Varsity knowing that there were six points up for grabs in the Jiu Jitsu, Netball and American Football matches. Winning the majority of those would almost level the score board.

Jiu Jitsu

CCCU couldn’t have asked for a better start to the day, as their Jiu Jitsu team won the first Varsity point of the day.

Some great enthusiasm and effort matched with incredible skill saw the C4 team beat UKC.

Interview with Jiu Jitsu President Dan Hunnable…


Four matches. Four points. That’s what was up for grabs today.

The CCCU women’s netball 4s we’re competing in Varsity for the first time against a team FOUR leagues above them.

They played out of their skins and were unlucky to lose the match. But, it was 1-1 in points for the day after the first netball game.

Heading into the second match and there was another mismatch in terms of league position. CCCU again battled valiantly with some quick attacks and precise shooting.

Unfortunately UKC got in front and stayed in front, and eventually saw out the match to win their second point of the day.

CCCU’s luck in the netball didn’t get much better in the third match. The 2s faced off against Kent in an intense match. A great start saw the C4 girls match their rivals stride for stride in the first quarter.

Their extra sessions were definitely showing off! UKC gradually began to edge away in the following quarters and won the match comfortably, despite a phenomenal work ethic from the Christ Church girls.

Team Christ Church worked their socks off all day and were unlucky not to get a point in the first three netball matches. So, the C4 1s were primed to turn everyone’s frowns upside down.

And that they did! In an enthralling match, which was as close as any we’ve seen all Varsity, both rivals matched each other all of the way until the final quarter when UKC had a small lead.

The CCCU women’s 1s trailed by one point with Just over a minute on the clock.

They took in the pressure with roars from the crowd backing them all the way. CCCU scored to equalise, and the game was tied, then they grabbed another instantaneously! They lead with 1 minute to go and as the clock ticked down they grabbed another point.

The scores were at 27-25 to CCCU with the seconds ticking down and the crowds were screaming as the buzzer went and C4 grabbed another point in Varsity.

American Football

The Chargers faced off against the Falcons in an intense game at UKC’s 3GX pitch.

The final score was 20-0 as Kent took their chances getting three touch downs and two conversions.

Snow and wind took over the game, but the crowd and players kept the game going.

Watch our interview with Francesco after the game.

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