CCCU dropouts have increased by 34% in just two years

The number of students dropping out of Christ Church University has increased by 34% in the past two years.

During the academic year 15/16, 538 students decided to leave CCCU. By 16/17, this number rocketed to 723.

A Freedom of Information request revealed why students withdrew from Christ Church – academic failure being one of the main reasons.

The figure of students failing their course (or not being permitted to progress) increased by 118%. The university lost a total of 181 candidates to academic failure in 16/17, as opposed to 83 candidates in the previous year.

Reasons why students have dropped out of CCCU

This happened the same year CCCU hit one of its lowest position on the league table, falling to 112th place.

Molly Wright, 20, dropped out of Christ Church last year and believes that improvements can be made to enhance student satisfaction.

She said: “There needs to be more learning spaces as the library can be packed at peak times. Definitely more organisation and better timetables for those who commute to uni every day like I did.”

The former Multimedia Journalism student thinks that offering the right support would help reduce the drop out rates.

She added: “There should be more office hours to help students who are struggling and to check their progress.

“At times, it felt like the student to tutor ratio was a bit too high to be able to get all the help that you needed.”

20-year-old Molly Wright dropped out of CCCU last year

The university has taken strategic actions to tackle the rising number of students withdrawing from Christ Church.

The ‘Strategic Framework’ was introduced back in 2015 to aid student retention rates – but according to statistics, drop out levels continued to rise.

The university aims to enhance student experience and the amount of support they receive for their academic studies

A spokesperson for CCCU said: “Student retention and success is an important issue across the Higher Education sector and one that we at Christ Church take very seriously.

“It is a top priority in the University’s 2015 – 2020 Strategic Framework, with ongoing work to ensure that we are able to identify and support students who might need extra help during their time studying at Christ Church.

“Through this work, the University has introduced significant changes via its Academic Journey Project to help our students achieve their potential and have the best student experience. Recent changes include: an enhanced induction and welcome experience; changing the assessment and reassessment cycle, with the introduction of semesters; and increased promotion and support for wellbeing across our student community.

“This increased focus on student retention and success has also resulted in a change in the way we process data. This has impacted on this particular comparison of year on year retention figures and primarily accounts for the rise in number of student withdrawals between the HESA reporting years of 2015/16 and 2016/17.”

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2 thoughts on “CCCU dropouts have increased by 34% in just two years

  • 07/02/2018 at 6:51 pm

    It’s no surprise, when your entry criteria are so low. From personal experience meeting a LARGE number of CCCU students during my time there, the majority portions of the student base are 1) international EU students and 2) London and midlands kids who see it as an opportunity to get drunk, dos and pass. Some of my flat mates from South London said that of the people they knew from their home area who went to Uni, they all went to CCCU, because it was reknownd for the night life and ease of content while still passing with a degree. When that’s your reputation, is a degree from CCCU worth anything at all? And in dealing with that, of course you’ll get dropouts. Student support is actually CCCU’s greatest strength as a university.

  • 07/02/2018 at 9:23 pm

    Conversely, perhaps the increase in drop-out as a result of ‘academic failure, [leaving] in bad standing, or not [being] permitted to progress’ is due to higher levels of academic rigour and scrutiny from academic and teaching staff?

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