Your vote counts – CCSU Sabbatical Officer Referendum

The remit of your Sabbatical Officers could be changing after students gave their feedback about the four roles and what they should cover.

Between September and December students have been telling the SU what changes they would like to see to each of the Sabb’s jobs. The two rounds of consultations has brought new remits for each officer and you get the final say whether we keep the old roles or change to the new ones.

If you vote yes in the referendum you are voting for the new structure of each officer which will be:  Union President, President (Wellbeing), President (Sport and Engagement) and President (Development).

The main changes are:

  • The Wellbeing and Education remits have been split.
  • The President role remains the University governor, however it has been assigned to have a specific academic experience remit.
  • The Student Activities remit has been enhanced with the specific objective of student development, whilst groups of societies have been spread across the roles depending on their representational need, to ensure better and more targeted representation.
  • The Sport role has been enhanced to support all sporting activity.

If you choose to vote no you will be voting to keep the current roles, which are: Union President, President (Education and Wellbeing), President (Sport) and President (Student Activities).

Students asked for the roles to be reviewed to meet their ever changing needs so it’s important as many vote as possible.

A minimum or 250 students need to take part to make the vote count and a simple majority will decide which structure is implemented. Voting shouldn’t take longer than 60 seconds.

To find out more and to cast your vote visit the referendum page here.

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