OPINION: Welcome to university where all views are valued – Unless you’re right wing

Having right wing views before university is never a problem, but as soon as you enter the uni bubble it can make you feel as though your opinion is wrong. 

Being a confident and outspoken person I have managed to stand by my views throughout my three years at CCCU. But that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been times I’ve kept my mouth shut or gritted my teeth when speaking to all different people during my time at university.

Having an unpopular opinion at university where being PC has gone over the top can be hard and it’s easy to see how some people might hide their real opinions.

Being right wing doesn’t mean that you agree with everything that every right wing organisation does. It doesn’t mean you support the EDL or similar racist groups. In the same way that being left wing doesn’t mean that you agree with everything Jeremy Corbyn has ever stood for.

Immigration is often a tool used by the left to brand the right as racists and people who hate everyone that isn’t British. Wanting to steady the influx of people coming to a country, that is currently struggling to produce enough houses, offer enough school places and hospital beds doesn’t mean you hate foreign people.

It means you are thinking about the future. How can anyone ever complain about hospital and GP waiting times, traffic congestion, council house waiting lists or huge new housing developments in their back gardens if you’re open to free movement of people?

Christ Church is supposed to be a place where everyone is accepted and anyone can express their views and thoughts… that is of course, provided that you fit into the liberal, left, socialist or green type of category.

Students at other universities are also treated differently because of their views.

People come to Christ Church to develop as adults and learn more about the world and independence. That’s why it can influence people’s minds about politics, especially younger people who might not be 100% sure which side they support.

We have had talks from Tim Farron, which I attended with an open mind, but it was pretty much ‘slag off the right for an hour’. Rosie Duffield had a live Q&A session at CCCU which fueled hatred for the country’s PM.

Via www.iagreetosee.com

Jermey Corbyn’s new book was advertised in our uni book shop, alongside a book about stopping Brexit. But we don’t see any of Boris Johnson’s books displayed on A frames outside of the shop.

Brexit is spoken about in disgust with no respect given to the majority of the county who voted for it. People seem to have forgotten that real people went out and voted for Brexit, it isn’t something that’s being forced upon us and we haven’t had the chance to vote for the outcome.

How can anyone in their right mind expect a second referendum, then expect any further vote to mean anything? Why not just hold another vote until you get the result you want?

My three years at CCCU has taught me more than just journalism. It has taught me that sometimes its better to keep your views quiet because people won’t treat you the same once they know.

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One thought on “OPINION: Welcome to university where all views are valued – Unless you’re right wing

  • 14/12/2017 at 2:19 pm

    Well said son, proud of you.

    Not your Dad of course

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