Anti-Labour Christmas cards posted to supporters houses

Kent Labour supporters have been greeted with ‘anti-Labour’ Christmas cards posted to their homes.

Some supporters of the Governments main opposition who displayed Labour posters during the General Election claim to have been sent Christmas cards with a message mocking their election defeat.

An email seen by Unified from Mike Bland, Campaign Coordinator for Canterbury Labour, says that the cards addressed the receiver as a ‘Labour Supporter’ and read “glad Labour lost for the sake of the country” inside.

Mike Bland, Campaign Coordinator for Canterbury Labour. (Image: Canterbury Labour)

Mr Bland is currently investigating how widespread the card sending has been.

Unified understand the main targeted area for the Christmas cards was Whitstable.

Ending the email, Bland said: “How sore the right wing are for losing one of their safest seats to Labour. If we can do it here we can do it again and we can do it most anywhere.”

If you received one of these cards we would love to hear from you, get in touch on

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Sean McPolin

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