Rosie Duffield says there’s ‘undoubtedly more scandals’ in Parliament.

Canterbury MP Rosie Duffield claims there is more scandals in Parliament when asked about sex pest news.

Duffield was attending a Q&A at Canterbury Christ Church University when she was asked by a Unified reporter if she thinks there are any more scandals to come out of Westminster.

WATCH: Live Q&A with Canterbury MP Rosie Duffield

The former teacher was certain there will always be scandals in Parliament.

Duffield was voted in as MP for Canterbury earlier this year.


She said: “Undoubtedly. I think there’s been scandals in parliament since it began. There always will be, because basically we’re human beings. We’re holding ourselves up to be better than human beings.

“I don’t think I am. So people expect us to be better and provide an example.

“Yeah there will be more scandals. I hope not many of the sex pest variety, because that’s really horrible or unpleasant.”

When asked whether she had heard of any scandals she said:

“There’s rumours about things and certain people who have got a huge amount of money and interest in companies that have things to do with this that and the other.

“I couldn’t possibly say them, I just hope that it gets flushed out in the media.”

Michael Fallon resigned as Defence Secretary earlier this month over allegations against him.

The comments come after it was revealed there was a number of sexual harressment claims in Westminster.

The Canterbury MP mentioned earlier in the evening that the atmosphere in parliament was ‘strange’ and there is a mindset of ‘who’s going to be next in these scandals’.

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