An Open Letter: My Makeup is Not a Mask #Unifiedfem

I hear you are wondering why my face is covered in what closely resembles a paint palette.  From foundation and mascara to highlighter and lipstick; and everything that comes in between… I am not hiding from you, and I am not creating a false interpretation of myself. I am doing this for me.

“My makeup is artwork, it isn’t a mask you would find in drama class.”

I haven’t always wanted to wear makeup and no little girl or boy ever has, children want to play in the park and get muddy.  Most importantly, children want to be themselves.  As we grow older and dress up for parties we hear: “Oh darling, why don’t you pop a bit of makeup on? Do something extra special.”  That’s where it all goes wrong.

Quite often society and the expectations it has are our biggest enemies.  In this case, it is society that has encouraged and set standards that push for that transition from a bare faced kid into a face three shades darker than their neck.  But it was never a mask, simply living up to an expectation from our demanding society.

Stemming from teenager days

As I grew older and inevitably puberty hit me, I was blessed with a ripe, juicy red spot in the middle of my chin.  I want to be pretty because that is what I was told all girls should be. But of course, boys are allowed to be greasy, smelly and spotty. And oh no, a girl could never have a spot.

Although makeup covered up my spot for your delicate eyes, but it never covered ME up.  My personality will continue to show through anything I slap on my face in the morning – and that is all I should be judged on.

Just because I am hiding my blemish does not mean I am hiding myself. Nor does it make me any weaker because apparently I only hide spots if I am self conscious. But it was never a mask, simply giving me more confidence to conquer this day, this week and this world.

“I began watching DIY school supplies videos but that soon moved onto makeup hauls and tutorials.”

I often found myself scrolling through my YouTube subscription box after school watching ‘Charlieissocoollike’ and ‘PointlessBlog’, but gradually I stumbled upon a few new faces as suggestions. I began watching DIY school supplies videos but that soon moved onto makeup hauls and tutorials.

Honestly, watching someone do their makeup isn’t so boring after all. Maybe we could compare it to watching someone else play a video game… At least we can join in by following the makeup look!

With this, my fascination grew for makeup. Although I never found peace with a paintbrush in art class, I was really enjoying swirling colours onto my face with brushes numbered 190 and 217.  My makeup is artwork, it isn’t a mask you would find in drama class. I enjoy forfeiting 40 minutes of sleep to allow me to put on a face of makeup every morning.

“This was never a mask, simply another talent I possess.”

I have nothing to hide, so why would I try? I am simply exaggerating my natural beauty which every single one of us have. Please understand that my makeup is not a sign of my weakness, more so of my strength and skill. I use makeup to get ahead of the game; playing into societies hands by ‘beautifying’ myself so I can take on any challenges I may face.

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