New BBC documentary focuses on rising student suicides

A new BBC documentary about students committing suicide at university is now available on iPlayer. 

The 30 minute long program focuses on the increasing number of student suicides at university, which has almost doubled in the past 8 years.

Deaths on Campus: Our Stories speaks to loved ones to piece together the last days and hours of three students who all took their own lives.

In 2014, 130 full-time students killed themselves in England and Wales according to the BBC.

Andrew Kirkman



Andrew’s story was featured in the documentary. He attended Oxford University until he sadly passed away in 2013.





Stefan Osgood


Stefan’s story is second in the documentary. He was studying at Aberystwyth University and died in 2016.




Lucy De Oliveira



Lucy who was studying Nursing at Liverpool John Moore’s University ended her life in 2017. Her story was also told in the BBC documentary.




Experts believe that the growing pressure on students and the increasing debt they leave with is a factor for the rise.

Craig Thorley, from the Institute for Public Policy Research, told The guardian: “Universities must be ready to support these students, including, where appropriate, through referral into specialist care.

“But the extent of support is currently too varied, and many university services are overwhelmed by the level of demand.”

CCCU has a whole load of help, advice and services available for those who might feel like they are going through a rough patch. Initiatives like The Big White Wall is an online 24 hour services that give users free access to support.

Click here to see all the services CCCU has to offer.

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