CCCU’s RaG society aims to raise £50,000 by summer

Still looking for something to get involved in at uni? Look no further than RaG.

Occasionally, university societies not only give you the opportunity to meet amazing new people and try new things, they also provide you with valuable experiences and skills to add to your CV, and for no society is this more true than Raise and Give.

Affectionately known as RaG, Raise and Give provides CCCU students with the opportunity to come together and raise money for external charities through the organisation of fundraising events.

CCCU RaG society in action

I got in touch with Raise and Give President, Charlotte, to find out what RaG means to her…

What made you want to get involved with RaG?

“I signed up to volunteer for a charity in my first year of University, and this was through the Raise and Give Society. This changed my life, as from the word go it really was all go go go, and it still is! From there, I learnt more and more and started to fall in love with charity and fundraising, it has become a passion. So here I am now, making RaG a known organisation at CCCU.

Congratulations on being nominated RaG President at CCCU! What has been your favourite part of running RaG so far?

“It must be the achievements, and working with external organisations. Working with companies and charities has given me the chance to use my communication and organisation skills to the extreme, through video calls, phone calls, meetings in person, etc, we have developed a great network of different people with the same interests. This has really made me think about my future and how much I’d like to work with a charity after university.”

What are your goals for RaG this year?

“To make Raise and Give at CCCU a thing, is my number one. If you ask people if they know what RaG is, the majority say ‘No’, but they should, as it’s such a big thing within the country and around the world. Secondly, to help people meet their fundraising goals, as I think it is so amazing when people want to make a difference.”

What has RaG achieved already?

People are starting to know what RaG is. This makes me so happy. I also believe one of our biggest achievements so far is recruiting around 30 volunteers for our challenges so far, which means by summer, we would have fundraised (give or take a little) £50,000.”

How are you recruiting members, and how can people get involved?

People simply approach me and ask about helping out. Getting involved is really flexible, for example, if a fundraiser needs a couple of extra hands I would simply ask our Facebook chat to see who is available. It’s the same with recruitment.”

RaG not only provides you with a great network of new friends and a host of new experiences, it’s a way for you to truly make a difference while at university. To get involved, visit RaG or email Charlotte on

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