Campus Cat vanishes… from Twitter

A Twitter account dedicated to a cat that hangs around CCCU’s North Holmes Road campus has been deleted.

The so called ‘Campus Cat’ whose real name is Hannah has her own loving home.

Owner Sarah Santer adopted her from a rescue centre when she was a kitten and it didn’t take Hannah long to take a liking to Christ Church.

Signs have been put up inside the Fynden building asking people to let her out after Hannah got trapped in there overnight.

Signs have been put up in Fynden building

But the Twitter account called @cccu_campuscat has since been deleted with claims the owner was unhappy.

Now the owner has spoken out about the situation and it’s good news for Hannah’s campus fans. Sarah Santer, the cats owner said: ” I hadn’t seen her for some while, so I emailed one of my old tutors and she said ‘that’s the campus cat’ then I found out Hannah had a Twitter account and everything.

“I have no problem with anybody petting her, it’s lovely that she is treated so fondly from all at CCCU. However, I would ask that she is not encouraged indoors and please do not feed her.

“Unfortunately since she spent time indoors and being fed at CCCU her siblings are beginning to reject her, this is really sad to see. They all shared a very close bond when they first arrived with us from the rescue centre. Her siblings are extremely shy and rarely go outside.”

“It was so funny seeing all the pictures of her [on campus cat Twitter] around campus and made us laugh knowing our cat was a celebrity. But also some of the comments were quite hurtful.

“It was suggested on the twitter page that we weren’t very good cat owners as she was always over at campus.

“Although I requested the campus cat twitter page be taken down, this was on the advice of the rehoming centre.”

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If anyone knows who used to run the Twitter account @cccu_campuscat please get in touch, Unified would love to speak to you

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