BUCS Weekly sports round up: Men’s Lacrosse & Basketball show their class

Round six of BUCS fell on the week of the Varsity photoshoot and the Men’s Lacrosse team registered a big win.

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The SU’s message of support to the sports teams.

Men’s Lacrosse

The Men showed their grit and determination by winning 12-3 against Imperial’s second team.

After the game Giorgio Michael said: “It was a tough fought game at the beginning, but our class started to show as the game progressed.

“Some really good lacrosse being put together and huge performance all over the pitch from current and freshers, big win.”

Men’s Cricket

On Sunday Men’s Cricket won three of their four fixtures.

They beat Sturry by five wickets, Street End by 43 runs and Canterbury second team by four wickets.

The loss came against Harbledown, who won by 15 runs.

American Football

American Football won on Sunday against Cambridge 26-0.

CCCU team photo for 2018 Varsity

Mens Basketball

The Men remain undefeated in 4 games in the league after they won by 68-63 vs UEL.

Women’s Basketball

The women’s basketball team were motivated and determined to win, as they wanted to recover from their previous loss vs City.

It was important for them to win to keep them in the game as UCL won both of their previous fixtures.

They started strong in the game winning the 1st quarter 23 – 15.

However, in the second and third quarter City fought back bringing the margin to five points difference.

In the last quarter they stayed strong and focused which led us to win 68 – 61.

After the game Eftychia Panayiotou said: “Great performance by Zita Mendes (Sport Scholar) who scored 28 points and Marie Haacke who scored 17 points.”

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Men’s Tennis

Men’s tennis lost 10-2 to UCL second team.

Tom Branch said: “It was a tough match.

“Unfortunately we didn’t get the win, but everyone put in a great effort so I can’t be too disappointed.”

Unfortunately the Men’s tennis team could not win this week.


Swimming had their BUCS competition at the weekend, they got a total of 27 personal best’s and some impressive rankings from individuals and as a team.

Men’s Football

The second team beat Medway’s first team by 3-0.

The third team lost 2-0 to Universities at Medway second team.

The fourth team drew 1-1 in a tough game with Essex’s fourth team.

Women’s Football

There were 20 goals in both of the Women’s football games this week.

The first team thrashed Kings by 7-0.

While the second team lost 10-3 to Goldsmiths.

Watch our photoshoot video here.

Men’s Rugby

The first team beat Portsmouth Men’s second team 21-12.

Men’s rugby second team beat Queen Mary third team by 19-0.

The third team won 29-12.

Men’s Badminton

The Men’s Badminton firsts lost 5-3 to King College London third team.

Women’s Hockey

Another strong performance by the Hockey girls first team saw them win 4-1 against Imperial.

Hockey’s second team lost 9-1 to Royal Veterinary College second team.


The second team lost 42-37.

The third team won 28-23 against Art London’s second team.

Men’s Volleyball

The Men lost by 3-0 to CUL

Women’s Volleyball

Women’s Volleyball lost to London Imperial 3-0


The Futsal team won 7-2.

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