Canterbury Cathedral’s daily running costs might surprise you

Canterbury Cathedral’s day-to-day running costs are a staggering £18,000, which doesn’t include the current work being done to the outside.

The hefty fee is spent on maintenance, staff wages and according to their website “to ensure the Cathedral is safe as well as a beautiful place to visit and worship in”.

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With the annual costs being approximately £6.5 million, the building, which is the focal point of the Church of England, relies on donations from the public.

This money does not take into consideration the work that is being done to the outside of the building.

Chris Pascall, Visitor Operations manager, said: “It is a huge amount, but if we don’t do additional work the building won’t last.

“We ship stone in from France as it is the most suitable. We tried others, but they cause damage and eroded so the French one is like-for-like.”

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About the Cathedral

One of the oldest and most famous Christian structures in England is three and a half years into a seven year project to repair and re-lead the Nave roof, restore stone, repair stained glass and also create a new visitor centre for its one million yearly visitors.

It took the Cathedral five years to finally get the grant they needed for the work to begin which is being funded by the National Lottery.

Students from CCCU and UKC can visit the Cathedral for free if they show their student ID’s.

With a number of historic buildings in the UK needing repairs and refurbishments such as Big Ben in London, it’s vital that we continue to keep our countries history alive.

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