10 tips for freshers

You’ve been at university for five minuets, which for some will have flown by and some it would have dragged slower than the que at Mc Donald’s at the end of a busy night out.

Here are 10 top tips to help you adapt into life at uni…

Enjoy yourself

You are at uni to study but also to find yourself so do not shy away from
any opportunities.

Be approachable

Try and get to know people around you in a new environment for example your housemates through simply introducing yourself or participating in collective activities such as game nights. You can apply this by getting to know course mates and workmates alike.

Join a society or sports club

Widen your social networks- You might meet life long friends and get to know people from different backgrounds.

Spend wise

Your student loan allowance is not as bottomless as the drinks at Nando’s- learn to save or get a part time job to get more flexibility in spending. Identify what you spend your money on and make a list of priorities to prevent impulse buys.

Make use of discounts

A lot of companies regularly do promotions so be on the lookout for voucher codes. Why pay the full price when the offer is there? Companies such as Unidays are particularly good at this.


If you do not understand anything, ASK for help- that is what your lecturers and university support services are there for.

Group work

It will be frustrating at times if the workload is not shared evenly, but you will survive. You will always learn from a group work experience.

First year is serious

Despite the general hear say that you only need 40% to pass. To a certain extent yes, however it sets the foundation for your work ethic throughout the years. Your first year allows you to learn key skills and make mistakes to be avoided in the crucial following years.


Be wise of who you choose to live with. This applies to both strangers and friends. While living with strangers can be an exciting prospect and change, it is useful to arrange a meeting or contact through social media to help make your decision. On the other hand, living with friends is great but be careful as too much time sometimes may strain friendships.

Mental health

Your mental health is very important. Always have someone to talk to whether it be family members or friends. Living at university can be a challenging transition. However, you feel, you are not the only one and You are not alone. Additionally, the university student wellbeing services will give you advice and support.

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