Watch: Exclusive Unified interview with The Hoosiers after outstanding gig at The Lounge

Pop rock band the Hoosiers marked their 10-year anniversary with a bang in front of a big Canterbury crowd.

Watch our full interview with the Hoosiers.

The band who released their first album ‘The Trick to Life’ in 2007 opened their tour with a special performance in the CCCU’s very own Lounge.

They performed famous hits such as ‘Goodbye Mr A’, ‘Ray’, ‘Cops and Robbers’ and even their own version of ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ by The Weeknd.

In an exclusive interview with Unified, the band revealed their love for the city of Canterbury. Especially for King’s Mile restaurant The Korean Cowgirl which even got a shout out during their performance.

The Canterbury crowd loved the Hoosiers 10 year anniversary gig.

Lead singer Irwin Sparkes even joked during the performance saying he had been informed that the Lounge was seven people off maximum attendance. Then went on to say he would find those seven people.

After the show, the guys signed merchandise and took pictures with their adoring fans who have followed them over the years.

The crowd were thoroughly warmed up before the band took to the stage thanks to their amazing support act ‘Skies’ who are from Folkstone.  You can get tickets for their Headline London show on 7 November on their website. 

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