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Unified Reviews: Hoosiers

The Hoosiers celebrated the tenth anniversary of their first album ‘Trick to Life’ in majestic fashion this week, with a spectacular reprise of the entire track list.

On 23rd October, the Hoosiers came to the Lounge in Canterbury to pay homage to their first album, with a special gig as part of their tenth anniversary tour.

Skies – Support Band 

Image by William Marsh

The concert began a performance from support act Skies, a rock, pop, and emo duo in equal measure, who are incredibly talented both vocally and instrumentally. With songs such as ‘Green’ and ‘Dead’ this duo, who originate from Folkestone in Kent, proved to be a hit with the crowd, and really set the tone for the evening ahead.

With their mix of rock pop and emo tunes, the duo has a similar musical aesthetic to bands such as Twenty One Pilots, which when combined with their energy and charisma, make for a thrilling spectacle.

Main Event – The Hoosiers

Image by William Marsh

The set list was comprised of the ‘Trick to Life’ Album, which features hits such as ‘Goodbye Mr. A’, ‘Cops and Robbers’ as well as the lesser known, ‘Rabbit’. The Hoosiers provided extensive variation throughout their set with various members taking solos, and Irwin performing several outstanding guitar solos, on both classical and electric guitar. As well as that, the pianist soloing on a cornet during ‘Cops and Robbers’ was a delightful variation and wonderfully technical.

In the encore section of the gig, the Hoosiers reached out to their other albums and performed some well-known songs that really got the crowd going. With Classics such as, ‘Choices’, coming to the fore and really ramping up the atmosphere. The last few numbers featured samples from well-known artist, The Weeknd.

Overall the event was a riotous success, and the crowd had without a doubt enjoyed it. After the set, the band members moved to the merchandise stand for signings and photos. This was a gesture that I’m sure many of their fans appreciated. Overall an excellent performance from The Hoosiers.


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