Handling Long Distance Relationships at University #UnifiedFem

Are you living hundreds of miles away from your other half during term time? Long distance relationships aren’t easy, especially at university. You have to go the extra mile in order to keep the relationship positive and fresh.

Here are simple tips to keep that long distance relationship feeling as if they never left your side.

1)  Communication

Communication is so important when it comes to any relationship. So, it’s even more key when you’re far away from each other. Modern technology is a blessing. Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime and Facebook Messenger have allowed instant access and video chatting with our other half – as if they’re in the room with us.

But, it can also be a curse, conversations through messengers can be misunderstood and be the source of argument. So, make a phone call once in a while, talk over Skype and have a proper conversation, especially if there’s an issue or something important to say. Unfortunately, emotions cannot be transferred through text message (even with emojis).

2) Acceptance to change

Acceptance is healthy. At first, it’s difficult to accept that someone you usually see twice or three times a week, will be away for numerous months at a time.

But, it is temporary and a great and testing experience for both of you. Having your own friends or your partner having their own friendship group is not a bad thing. It means there’s something to talk about; new people to meet, new opportunities and most of all, a time to do you.

Yes, you will both have conflicting timetables, different deadline dates and different friendship groups… But this will make the relationship more interesting, fun and fresh. It also means that both of you will have to work extra hard to accept the fact that you may both be busy at different times, and that you might find it hard to arrange Skype dates or times to visit each other. But, it is only temporary.

3) Expressing interest in everyday life

Taking an avid interest in each other’s lives at university is really important. Ask about their modules, their lecturers, their assignments, start a discussion or maybe even proof read one of their essays.

These are little ways to show that you still care and you’re still interested in them. University is a challenging experience for most people, so do the things that you know would make it easier for them. If there’s a friendship issue or house issue, talk through it with them and do the same back. Talk to them about issues in your uni life. This will keep the relationship close and will mean that any stress or unhealthy emotion will not be taken out on the other person.

4) Transparency and faithfulness

Commitment is obviously a key component in keeping any relationship together. Being faithful and dedicated to the person and the relationship shows that you’re in it for the long run. If you’re not feeling it or start to have feelings towards someone else, don’t drag your significant other along for the bumpy ride.

It’s said by many that you can’t be in a relationship whilst at university – but if you really want it, you can make it work. Do not keep the relationship a secret from your friends. Why would you? Unless you are hiding something… Your partner is part of your life and something that should be shared and accepted by your friends.

5) Date nights and making the effort

Finally, when you do see each other, celebrate this time. Do something special to make the time memorable and to make the time apart seem worth it. Go out for dinner, see a movie, go on a walk, show them your favourite places in your university town.

Even if you’re tight on a budget, cook them their favourite meal or have a movie marathon. Any time together should be cherished and be almost like a reality break from the rest of university life.

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