See if Canterbury’s newest student halls passed post-Grenfell Tower fire tests

In light of the Grenfell tragedy fire reviews have taken place all around the country.

New student accommodation and university buildings are springing up all over the city, many of which covered in cladding; it can give you piece of mind to know where you’re living is safe.

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CCCU student accommodation Petros Court

CCCU’s own accommodation blocks such as Petros Court and the library Augustine House are both examples of buildings covered with cladding.

A spokesperson for CCCU said: “As a University we take the safety of our students, staff and visitors extremely seriously. We have a comprehensive fire strategy that is kept under constant review and includes regular testing of the fire alarm systems and evacuation drills.

“Following the tragic event this summer at Grenfell Tower in London, the University, like all other universities in the country Conducted an additional review of fire risk on our buildings and no cause for concern was found.”

CRM Students have just opened two new luxury accommodation sites in Canterbury, Palamon Court and Canterbury Student Manor.

Palamon Court luxury student accommodation. Credit:

John Maddox, Head of operations at both Palamon Court and Canterbury Student Manor said: “CRM Students have conducted a thorough investigation into cladding across all of its properties and have followed Government guidelines and recommendations regarding ACM [Aluminium Composite Material] cladding and its identification/testing post the Grenfell disaster.

“In addition to this, further advice has been sought from the local Fire Service in line with DCLG [The Department for Communities and Local Government] guidance to ensure that both buildings are as safe as possible.”

Canterbury Student Manor. Credit

Research by Total Landlord Insurance warns students that 24% of high value claims (over £20,000) result from fire.

Eddie Hooker, the CEO of Total Landlord Insurance says: “It’s easy for students to get caught up in the excitement of living on their own, but all it takes for a fire to start is a moment of negligence.

“We all know that fires can be devastating, not only to properties but to human lives and yet many wouldn’t happen if tenants took simple preventative measures, such as not leaving cooking unattended, not overloading plug banks and ensuring cigarettes are properly extinguished.”

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