Ladies, Here’s Why You Should Start Taking Cold Showers #UnifiedFem

As a cold shower enthusiast, I can vouch for this one. A cold shower can work wonders! There’s plenty of innovative ways to improve our health but most of them require money and time. A cold shower has many health benefits AND it decreases your electricity bill at the end of the month – It’s a no brainer.

I’ve been taking cold showers everyday for a month now, and I’ve felt most (if not all) of the benefits I’m about to list below. And I’ll try to persuade all of you to do the same…

1) Self-discipline training

I’m not going to lie and tell you it feels grand because it doesn’t. Frankly, it feels like pressing your skin against cold metal during the winter. But, it takes a lot of self-discipline to do it. It trains your will power which then improves for the other aspects in your life that you want to change. It feels good that you knew it wasn’t going to be a joy ride, but you did it anyway for the health benefits. #GIRLPOWER

2) The best way to wake yourself up

Who wants to waste anymore of our student loan on coffee when a cold shower will have the same effect? Nothing energises you better than a cold shower. It gets rid of that groggy morning feeling during a 9am lecture. You’re wide awake as soon as that cold water hits your skin and suddenly you’re a morning person. People who take cold showers talk about the burst of energy they gain from it.

3) De-stresses you

Having a cold shower is proven to reduce the levels of uric acid and increase Glutathione levels in your blood, making you less likely to be stressed.

On top of that, promising to take a cold shower everyday strengthens your emotional resilience. Overtime, your body will adapt to the stress that a cold shower has on your nervous system – making you resilient to the feelings of stress.

It’s a short journey to being a cool, calm and collected girl.

4) Better hair and skin

This has to be one of my favourite benefits. Softer skin and thicker hair without spending a penny?! *plans next shower*

Hot water strips your skin from the essential oils it needs to stay moisturised and healthy. If you have dry skin, taking cold showers and minimising the use of towels will help a great deal. Cold water help close up pores and detoxify your skin (making it glow).

Cold showers also close cuticles which makes your hair stronger and healthier. So if you’re looking to reduce hair-loss in the shower, try cold showers. You’ll see results in a matter of weeks.

5) Helps with weight loss

It’s always nice to know that something as mundane as showering can help drop a few pounds! Cold showers promote fat loss.

We have two types of fat in our body. There’s white fat and brown fat. White fat is the unhealthy stuff and brown fat is what keeps us warm during colder seasons. During a cold shower, brown fat is activated to keep the body warm, this increases the calories and energy burned – resulting in fat loss.

It’s estimated that you can lose 9 pounds a year just by giving up hot showers!

6) Relieves depression

It’s a ‘feel-good shower’ because bathing in cold water stimulates the ‘blue-spot’ in our brain, which is the primary source of Noradrenaline. This chemical plays an essential role in relieving depression. Plus, it’s pretty funny watching yourself trying to firm cold water without screaming.

7) Stronger immune system

One of the best health benefits you’ll get is an increase in immunity. A study found that taking cold showers increases the levels of disease fighting white blood cells. So, a simple change from hot to cold showers can reduce your chances of catching a cold, infection and life threatening diseases. Soak it in.

8) It just feels great! (afterwards)

Nothing feels fresher than a cold shower! I always found that a steamy shower makes me feel hot and stuffy instead of cool and fresh. Since I’ve converted, I’ve found that I feel more refreshed for longer and sweat a lot less.

People who live in tropical countries have said that they all take cold showers because hot showers make them sweat more – which meant spending more £££ on deodorant.

Try it at least once…

Just try it at least one time to experience it. It’ll be a good challenge for yourself! It’s always good to try out new things, even better when it offers great health benefits.

You can always ease it in, take a warm shower then gradually turn the heat off until it’s just cold water. It gets better and you get used to it! If you think about it, it’s only 15 minutes of being uncomfortable but you gain a lifetime of benefits. Try it, at least once.


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Claisse Opulencia

Claisse is a second-year journalism student and a solo-travel enthusiast. She’s Unified’s Features Editor and curator for #UnifiedFem. She mostly writes about lifestyle, travel and discussing the topics of feminism.

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