5 things we learnt from the Bellew vs Haye press conference

Tony Bellew and David Haye went face to face for the first time before their fight in December 17th.

The heavyweights exchanged some heated words, compliments and one very odd analogy about a bank robbery.

The former champ Haye said he’ll be looking for revenge against the scouser after his defeat in March.

Here’s 5 things we learnt:

1) Tony Bellew respects David Haye

Bellew often speaks fondly of David Haye as a fighter, complimenting his power, rhythm and ability. He revealed that he would study him as a youngster and admired his bravery. He may not think much of him as a man, but there’s certainly respect there.

2) David Haye DOES NOT respect Tony Bellew

The former champion has always had an ego about him, it’s what a lot of good boxers need to stay at the top.

But Haye certainly feels as though he can dismantle Bellew with ease. Tony said to Haye multiple times: “It’s clear you don’t rate me.” And he was right.

Bellew and Haye next to each other at the #BellewHaye2 conference.

3) There’s still a lot of animosity between the pair

They may have hugged it out when Bellew stopped Haye in the 11th back in March, but there’s still some tension between the two.

Bellew hasn’t forgotten Haye’s comments about his kids having to visit him in hospital and he looked emotional at times after a tough few weeks for the Everton fan, after his brother-in-law died.

4) This fight is all about the money

If the price wasn’t right, this fight wouldn’t of went ahead. It’s clear this fight, while being a very good match, is largely about getting a big pay check.

Haye taunted Bellew that his only motivation for the fight was to secure his family financially, something which Bellew agreed with.

5) It seems like both careers will be ending in the near future

If Haye loses, it could mean him retiring. He needs a win for a big fight against Anthony Joshua or Deontay Wilder. If it doesn’t happen, it could be the end of an illustrious career.

Bellew in the other hand, doesn’t seem bothered about carrying on. He loves to fight, but doesn’t enjoy the press beforehand.

He said: “I definitely have a screw loose. I just love to fight.

“I love punching him in the face and I love getting punched in the face.”

The two boxers fight in December 17th at the O2 Arena.

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