5 Halloween outfit ideas that won’t give your wallet the spooks

Every year people love to dress differently for Halloween, and some stress over trying to find a cheap outfit, if you’re one of those people, read more to see what could work for you.

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Mummy costume:


Of course. The mummy outfit. It’s available for boys and girls and you can even make the outfit yourself. Simply just find a roll of bandages and wrap it around you. Use safety pins too to hold the bandages in place and before you know it, you look like a mummy and I bet you’re glad because not only do you look original but you’ve also saved yourself quite a bit of money.

Be your own character:


Another way you can save money is by creating your own character. You could either rip parts of your clothes, create a face mask or even have a face full of powder. Be imaginative.


The thing about Halloween is that you don’t have to necessarily dress up like you’re out to scare people. It’s also a day to dress like anyone, whether it be a cartoon character, the royal family or even a cheeseburger. You could wear a wig with an edgy outfit and create a character within its own. If you own a wig then that means your whole outfit didn’t cost you anything for the night. Great right?

Food costume:

Every year you get people who are dressed like food and they definitely are confident enough to do it. You can do this easily and it will only cost you a couple of quid. Blow up lots of balloons and stick it around your body and by the end of it, you will indeed look like a bunch of grapes. Sounds humorous right? Well, Halloween is about being different and trying something different.

Grandparents costume:


The final suggestion is another cheapo outfit that you might want to consider. How about dressing like your grandad or grandma. All you have to do is borrow their clothes and you can look like them. If you’re tired of always dressing to look scary on Halloween then maybe this might be the one for you.

Halloween is all about just wearing whatever you like and however you like. The great thing is you can dress any way you want and be whoever you want, so if you are trying to stay on a budget or not spend at all, hopefully this list gave you some good suggestion. Good luck.

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