Study reveals half of students avoid doctors appointments

A recent study on British students has found that over 50%  of them avoid their GP appointments.

Push Doctor, a European health brand, surveyed over 1000 students and found that 55% are not booking GP appointments when they are ill.

Nearly half of these (47%) did not visit the doctors, which worsened their condition.

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Why students avoid the doctors:


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30% of student’s feel that taking time out of their day to book and attend a doctors appointment is a huge inconvenience to them.

Not having the time

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Just under a third of students (29%) claim they ‘dont have the time’ to make it to their local GP’s.

Unable to get appointment

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A fifth of people questioned (19%) think they wont be able to get appointment. Further research found that 71% expected a waiting time of a week.


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11% of people asked admitted they were too nervous and anxious to go and see their doctor.

Feeling like a burden

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Finally, 7% felt like they were a burden on the NHS if they were to book an appointment.

Dr. Adam Simon, Medical Officer at Push Doctor, urged students to not put their health at risk.

He said: “It is very admirable to see that so many students feel like a burden when they are ill.

“But those same students who are avoiding making appointments with their GPs are not only putting their health at risk but also their studies.

Whether it is minor infection or a little bit of stress, if you are unwell you should prioritize getting better as quickly as possible before you symptoms get any worse.

“Putting your health and wellbeing second could also negatively affect your studies.”

If you want any useful tips for staying healthy during the exam period of to battle off Fresher’s Flu, click here.

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