What’s going on in Catalonia?

Overnight the Catalonia region of Spain has won a right to statehood. What does this mean for Spain and how has this all come about? Sonny Snelling explains.

How has it come to this?

The history of this goes back many years as Catalonia has wanted to break away from Spain for a while. Catalonia is in north-eastern Spain and is known for lively beaches and for being the regional capital of Barcelona.

For many years Catalans (people of Catalonia) believed that they have put a lot into Spain politically and economically and have not received much in return.

They have their own language, laws, flag and customs and have come to blows over autonomy with the central government in Madrid.

Trouble has spread throughout the region.

Why has there been trouble?

Catalonia’s regional parliament according to the Spanish government have held the referendum without their consent.

The government therefore sent out riot police to disperse voters, which then turned violent with police reportedly using excessive force.

Similarities have been drawn between Brexit and the Catalan vote.

Is it like Brexit?

The referendum can draw similarities between Brexit and Scotland’s vote for independence, but there are some differences.

All parties want the same thing to leave. But they want to leave different things. Catalonia is a region in a country. The equivalent would be like Kent leaving England. Scotland want to leave the United Kingdom which is built up of countries. Brexit is about a Country wanting to leave an organisation, the EU.

How is football involved?

You may be surprised, but football has a role to play in this. El Clásico which is the game Vs giants Real Madrid and Barcelona is not just seen as an on-field scrap but a political fight. The capital vs the region of Catalonia.

A key example, is when Spain won the World Cup in 2010. Even though Barcelona had many players in the team. Many Catalans took no interest in the win.

Barcelona’s game last night had to be played behind closed doors due to the trouble. Gerard Piqué after the match said he would step down from the Spanish national team if he had to. Barcelona have been threatened with expulsion from La Liga itself as well.

Barcelona defender Pique would quit the National team if he had to.

Read Sky’s article on it below

Gerard Pique would quit Spain if bosses don’t want him over Catalan ‘vote’

What does the EU think?

EU commission president Jean Claude Juncker said the commission would recognise Catalonia as an independent state provided it was given Madrid’s blessing- which it hasn’t. This is identical to what he said about Scotland’s vote of independence.

Juncker had the same opinion on Catalonia as he did on Scotland.

What does Twitter say?

What is next?

There is still much uncertainty. The region may have independence, but Spain will try everything to keep them united. Will they have a new currency and leave the EU? The next few months for Catalans will be ones of doubt.

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Sonny Snelling

Sonny is a third year multimedia journalism student and Sports Editor for Unified. He hopes to one day have a career in Sports journalism having written for the Daily Mail, Mail Online and Kent Messenger.

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