5 Netflix Original Films Worth Watching

Netflix, the online streaming giant, has been known to produce seriously addictive
TV series and this year, have released a mass of Netflix Original movies.

As Netflix have taken over the TV series market with binge-able box sets that get us through
exam season, we thought we would take a look at Netflix’s recent influx of original movies,
across multiple genres. Keep reading for some honest reviews and plot summaries to guide
you in the double-screen life of Augustine house.

To The Bone

To The Bone features rising star Lily Collins, most known for her roles in Love, Rose (2014),
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013) and most recently in Netflix documentary Okja
(2017). Focusing on important societal issue of mental health disorders anorexia and
bulimia, the film showcases the difficulties that those struggling face in a realistic fashion.
With Keanu Reeves playing an unconventional doctor, the plot line features a young adult
who is following a path that aims to see her appreciating her life and accepting herself for
who she is. To The Bone is a realistic original, worth watching due to it’s touching moments
as well as light humour that shows that all the days aren’t that bad.

Before I Fall

Based on the Lauren Oliver book, Before I Fall is a heart wrenching original that sees the
protagonist Samantha Kingston and her friends die in a car crash after a high school party,
leaving her reliving the same day over again. Whilst this sounds like a Groundhog Day plot
line that has been done to death, Before I Fall combines the unthinkable with reality. Sam
must reconsider how she lives her life and the kind of person that she is so that she can find
peace, reassessing her friends, boyfriend and her attitude to others.

Sam retraces her steps to discern what could be keeping her here, thinking she must find
true love, out her friends for their wrong-doings or spend more time with her family but to
save herself, Sam must think of who else she can save.

The film includes a cast of Zoey Deutch, famous for her recent appearance in novel
adaptations Vampire academy (2014) and Beautiful Creatures (2013), and Halston Sage
from Paper Towns (2015) and Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015).

Death Note

Unlike the other titles on this list, Death Note, based on a Manga series of the same name, is
a stand out feature film with a demonic antagonist that will creep you out badly. Light
Turner, played by Nat Wolff from Paper Towns (2015) and The Fault in Our Stars (2014),
finds a book titled ‘Death Note’ with names and cryptic notes within it’s pages. Ryuk, a
demonic death god, soon makes an appearance and tells Light that if he writes someone’s
name in the book whilst picturing their face, they will die. Light begins a journey, with his
new girlfriend Mia, of creating a god called ‘Kira’ to eradicate the world of bad guys and

Under many rules and the watchful eye of his chief of police father, Light soon becomes
overwhelmed and begins to suffer at the power of the Death Note. A truly unique narrative
that some have criticised in the press, Death Note is unlike anything I have watched and is
definitely worth checking out. Although, beware of the creepy characterisation of Ryuk, that
might give you nightmares.

Gerald’s Game

Now, if you have social media or leave the house on occasion, you will have definitely heard
of this film which has been reported about in the news. Gerald’s Game, based on the novel by Stephen King (yes, another one), is a thriller/horror that has been reported to make
some lose consciousness due to its graphic scenes.

The plot consists of a married couple on a weekend escape to rekindle their marriage, who
begin to try new things including Gerald handcuffing his wife Jessie to the bed during sex.
After a while, Jessie becomes uncomfortable with the rough nature of the encounter and
demands Gerald to stop. After a heated argument, Gerald dies from a heart attack, leaving
Jessie handcuffed to the bed in a secluded country side lake house. Whilst stuck, Jessie
begins to have wild hallucinations and there are graphic scenes from her past and present
including sexual assault and her husband’s body seen in a gory manner. If you are
squeamish, this film is not for you, but for the daring, this thriller is one that will leave you

Casting JonBenet

For those who prefer real life to fiction, Netflix brought us the true story of JonBenet
Ramsey, who was murdered in her own home. Making this story even more confusing, a
long ransom note was found in her home and her body was discovered only 8 hours later in
the basement of the same house. JonBenet was only 6 years old when she died and was an
American child beauty pageant queen.

There are many theories that have been uncovered over the years, including the accusation
of her own parents John and Patsy Ramsey. The case remains unsolved and the film puts the
15-month investigation on screen, bringing one of the most baffling cases in Colorado, USA
to light.

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