Everything you need to know if you’re living at Parham

Canterbury Christ Church has loads of accommodation options, and you’ve chose one of them by living in Parham.

Similar to other accommodations, there’s some essential information you’ll need – here’s everything you need to know about Parham.

Night life

Club Chemistry is famous for it’s student nights.

There is always a sense of a good community atmosphere in Parham as it is a student village. The students tend to hold a lot of house parties, so you’ll get to know your neighbours well.

As Parham is one of the furthest accommodations you have to walk or get a cab to the bars and pubs in town, like Cuban, Steinbeck and Shaw or even the Studen Union.

If you are going to Club Chemistry there is a bus that runs regularly on club nights.

Shopping near me

There is a large Asda that is open late around the corner as well as a Lidl over the road which is useful.

Further up the road is the retail parks that has a gym, Sports direct, M&S, Home bargains, KFC, McDonalds and more.

Town centre

Parham is on the other side of town so it takes about 20-25 minutes to walk it.

But on the way you do pass a range of restaurants and shops.

Canterbury high street is amazing and has loads of unique, self-owned and designer shops.

If you’re feeling peckish, head for Westgate and you’ll have a range of restaurants to choose from.


There is a bus stop at the top of the road. Canterbury West train station is the closest and about a 20 minute walk away. Taxis also are constant in the Parham area.


Parking on Parham Road

You can park at Parham as long as you are switched on and know when to move your car as restrictions along the road apply. Another option is to rent a parking space from the university at about £7.50 a week. If you choose to park along the road you can be issued with parking fines.

How far is uni?

 CCCU is about a 20-25 minute walk . It is further compared to other accommodation, but the walk isn’t too strenuous.

It’s pretty much a straigh walk, if you end up near Domino’s you’re nearly there.

Best way to meet people

The Student’s Union hold a lot of events during Fresher’s Week and although Parham is the furthest away, they’re never left out. As mentioned many people do host parties themselves.

If that’s not your fancy then don’t forget to have a look at the socities the uni has. You’ll be surprised how many people have common interests with you.

My view

Parham has a lot of character and a real community feel compared to the other accommodations. It is easy to meet people, but best to leave your car at home – if you drive you won’t need it.

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