Introducing… UnifiedFem

We introduce UnifiedFem, a brand new platform for the ladies. Read about what you’ll be expecting from us.

UnifiedFem is a place where women come together in sisterhood. We share ideas to inspire each-other and tell the stories of a modern day woman. Our focus is female empowerment, discussing the taboo and creating sass-filled content from one female to another.

We’re officially launching this September, ready for Freshers ’17. For the mean time, take a look at what kind of topics you’ll be expecting to see on UnifiedFem:

  • Female struggles
  • Body confidence
  • Female empowerment
  • Mental health
  • Feminism
  • Motivation
  • inspiration
  • Dating/Relationships/Sex
  • Advice columns
  • Friendship dilemmas
  • Student life
  • Women in Culture
  • Women in Society

Our content aims to be inspiring and fun, yet personal and relatable for every female.

See our first post, Seven Empowering Instagram Accounts.

UnifiedFem are looking for writers to join the team! If you’re interested, please email us at Also, we’d love to hear about your ideas and what YOU think we should be publishing on this platform. Get in touch!

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Claisse Opulencia

Claisse is a second-year journalism student and a solo-travel enthusiast. She’s Unified’s Features Editor and curator for #UnifiedFem. She mostly writes about lifestyle, travel and discussing the topics of feminism.

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