Police investigate Club Chemistry assault

Kent Police have launched an investigation following an alleged assault in the early hours of Sunday morning. 

Club Chemistry during this year’s Freshers week

The assault is said to have happened in Club Chemistry at around 2 am on Sunday morning where a woman, believed to be a student, was injured.

The woman went to hospital in a taxi to be treated for her injuries.

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Kent Police said: “We are investigating a report of assault, believed to have occurred at around 2am on Sunday 24 September 2017 at Club Chemistry in Canterbury.

“The female victim suffered facial injuries and enquiries into the incident are ongoing.”

Club Chemistry have issued a public statement following the incident which has seen a lot of speculation after a friend posted on Facebook.

Club Chemistry’s Statement

“On Saturday night one of our customers received a cut to the face. To be clear, this is not as a result of being hit by a glass we use polycarbonate cups.

As soon as Doorstaff were notified of the incident, First aid was administered immediately. Club Chemistry staff called a taxi for the injured party to take them to hospital. This is the best way to get to hospital on a Saturday night. In the past we have waited up to 3 hours for an ambulance for a non life threatening injury. She was helped to the cab by staff and was taken to hospital with a friend and was treated for her injuries.

This was a single and isolated incident that unfortunately resulted in someone being injured. It is not a regular occurrence at the club and Club Chemistry work hard to ensure that stays the case. There are a number of procedures in place to try and ensure that people who may want to harm others do not even set foot into the Club.

ID scanners – We use these to link with a national barring scheme and also monitor our own barrings.

No attitude clubbing – If people have the wrong attitude they are not welcome. We work hard to provide a fun and safe environment where everyone can relax and focus on having a great time. Those who do not come with fun as their main priority are not our customers.

Partnership working – We work closely with Kent Police, Council Licencing and other venues to ensure information is shared about potential problem people. We do this because we understand how pivotal our role is as the biggest and busiest club in Kent to make the night time economy safer for everyone.

Experienced door staff – Our door team has decades of experience between them and are not just there to be the ‘muscle’. Doorstaff’s role is to ensure everyone is safe and has a great time.

CCTV – We have nearly 40 CCTV cameras in the building, which are monitored during hours of operation, to ensure our guests’ safety and security.

The injured party has praised the first aid she received but has spoken with us about our procedures of explaining to injured parties about why they are sent to hospital in a taxi and the procedure for contacting the police. As a result of these conversations all door staff have had extra training to ensure everyone is 100% clear on the Club’s policy on reporting issues and communicating with guests.

The friend who wrote the status was not there and heard the report second hand.

We are working with the Kent Police to work out what happened and make sure that if any crime was committed that the parties involved are brought to justice.

We are in regular communication with the injured party to ensure she knows what is going on and wish her a speedy recovery.

End of statement.”

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