American Assassin – Destruction Personified!

Unified’s Francis condenses American Assassin down for our readers. In a tale of CIA woe and vigilante justice, will evil prevail? Probably not. 

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The Story

On a beach in Basque Country Spain, a couple Mitch (Dylan O’Brien) and Katrina (Charlotte Vega), are vacationing. When an Islamic jihadist starts attacking civilians unannounced, all hell breaks loose. After a frantic search for his girlfriend, Mitch discovers her death at the hands of the terrorists. After facing the attacker and subduing him, Mitch is dragged to a CIA safe house and convinced to join them on their latest black-ops adventure. One led by former ops agent Stan Hurley (Michael Keaton).

Along the way we are led on an adventure that starts with the attempted retrieval of stolen Plutonium, that was on its way to Iranian hardliners. Hardliners upset with recent nuclear sanctions imposed on them by the US (sound familiar?).

The adventure continues as they follow a supposed traitor to Turkey, where he continues to reek havoc. Here Hurley has assembled a Turk to assist Mitch in his mission goal. Little does his know that there’s two moles in the team. One turns out to be his leader Hurley, the other his partner. Eventually Mitch and his ex-partner “kiss” and make-up as they work on defeating the ex-navy seal Plutonium thief, Ghost.

Francis’s verdict

Coupled with the witty dialogue, I was hooked by the intense fight scenes throughout. Much of the film mirrors the CIA’s role in real world-affairs where they’ve funded one side of an uprising, and surreptitiously also funded the other. It’s all incredibly clever; a film that is a testament to Cuesta’s direction and the book the adaptation was centred on.

All in all it is a great film. Watch it. Now.

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