We wave goodbye until August

Unified is saying goodbye for now, but don’t worry ‘we’ll be back’.

Unified will be on pause until mid August while we get ready for freshers week and the year ahead. We have huge plans for the next academic year and we hope everyone at CCCU will be a part of them.

You can see some of our website’s stats from the year below

Our biggest story was Canterbury Varsity 2017: The ones to watch, which as of today (June 6, 2017) had over 4,400 views.

We have exciting content planned for next year including a comprehensive set of articles aimed at freshers, a video series, live and recorded Q&A’s, exclusive discounts and much more.

We also have a whole new team of Editors so if you do want to get involved or have any stories/ideas you think we might be interested in email us at unified@ccsu.co.uk

Thank you Christ Church for an amazing year.

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