Double delight for CCCU cricket teams.

CCCU men’s and women’s cricket teams beat UKC in this year’s varsity at the Spitfire St Lawrence ground, with the women winning by nine wickets and the men by seven.

CCCU Women’s cricket team
Some of the CCCU Men’s cricket team.












The CCCU teams dominated their opponents at the sunny Spitfire ground playing T20 and gave them

no chance with excellent batting, bowling and fielding.

The Women

The women’s game was up first with UKC batting to start, but it was a very defensive display which the C4 girls used to their advantage.

The first wicket fell after captain Jess Whitcher bowled a ferocious ball that gave the UKC batswoman no chance and smashed the stumps.

Jess could have got an early hattrick after narrowly missing the stumps twice and nearly catching a hit but the effort stung her fingers.

CCSU Women’s Cricket went on the Beat UKC by nine wickets

Edie Kelly then came in with some pacy bowling, eventually getting a deserved wicket putting UKC on the back foot.

The fielding from Christ Church was also impressive with catches from Fleur Eden and Maddy Chapman.

Hannah Lewis got a few wickets with a great fielding display form the girls. Leaving the UKC girls on 45 all out.

Once again captain Whitcher showed she is a true all-rounder with a great batting display hitting an early four and then another in quick succession. CCCU chased down the score with ease, winning the game by 9 wickets with a final score of 46-1.

CCCU Women’s cricket after their huge win against UKC

Capitan Jess Whitcher after the win said: “I’m over the moon about our victory.

“The girls have put so much hard work and dedication in over the past few months.

“Winning by nine wickets is a fantastic way to win.

“The win was definately more special as it was my first as captain.”

The girls have two more BUCS fixtures lined up where they hope to win the league.

The Men

Then it was the turn of the men, hoping to emulate what the women had just achieved. The pitch at the Spitfire was great for this fixture and it lived up to expectations.

CCCU Men’s cricket dominated UKC throughout

Kent batted first and the Canterbury team started strong in the field with seamless team work meaning that only a few runs were scored. The bowling from CCCU player Ben McGrath was to be admired with an early wicket giving the batsman no chance at his crease.

Kent hit a few sixes and fours with one even going out the ground.

A defining moment came when the UKC batter was out for LBW and the umpire couldn’t say no, it was blatant.

The wickets kept falling as the next batman was out for a duck after a dramatic slide from the CCCU fielder. Another catch from the CCCU fielder made it a third wicket soon after. Kent then became defensive in their batting to hopefully steady the ship, but were still able to hit a few fours.

McGrath was the stand out player getting three wickets meaning they ended on 112/9 after 20 overs. CCCU needed 113 to win.

The sun setting as CCCU Men’s Cricket finished off UKC in an spectacular performance

Tom Evans and Aiden Griggs started the batting well, hitting a few fours, but Griggs was caught early on.

Jack Wheeler game in at third as the floodlights came on and hit a few fours as well.

Christ Church weren’t holding back and were looking to wrap the game up. Wheeler getting another impressive four.

Wheeler was playing well but unfortunately nudged the ball onto his stumps. At this point CCCU were averaging 7 runs an over.

More fours were hit and soon after Evans was caught by a Kent player. CCCU then hit a glorious six, which like Kent’s, went straight out of the ground. Graeme Francis was a stand out as he hit 40.

Because of their fielding display they got their deserved win and ended by hitting a six and winning the game by 7 wickets with a final score of 115/3.

Captain Jack Belmont regimented his players in the field.

The Men’s cricket president Jordan Howard said: “After the game was won I think all the boys were

relieved to finally win it after we’ve been thinking about it all year.

“It’s always hard to chase a score at Varsity and luckily our boys saw us through.

“I think it goes down as one of the big wins as there was huge doubt it would be on, but it ended up

being an amazing day

Kent haven’t beaten CCCU Mens Cricket in any varsity fixture for over 2 years.

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