Preview: This week’s CCCU v UKC Cricket Varsity

This Friday will see CCCU’s men’s and women’s cricket teams facing off against UKC at the famous Spitfire St Lawrence County Ground.

With the county cricket season already underway it is now the turn of the C4 teams to have the chance to show off their skills in this year’s Varsity.

C4 Crickets men’s team

The men’s team is currently 3-2 up and their president Jordan Howard knows just how intense the game is.

Jordan Howard

He said: “I believe this is a massive, unique fixture that not many university teams get.

“At one of the most historic stadiums in the world.

“All the boys have been thinking about it all year and there’s always a massive moment every year that defines the game.

“Last year was Phil Semmens sending a stump cartwheeling in the penultimate over to end a UKC fight back.”

Jordan’s players to watch are former Kent academy player and wicket keeper Jack Wheeler and bowler Stuart Dockerill who can swing the ball both ways.

CCSU Women’s Cricket team

As for the women’s team, their captain Jess Whitcher has high hopes for her team.

Jess Whitcher

She said: “The fixture is massive for both universities and has been built up over a number of weeks.

“As captain I would love to win as it would be my first ever Varsity win since joining last year.

“I’m playing with a team of girls who are all fantastic and a great team unit.”

So far Kent have won the three meetings at Varsity after a tight indoor Varsity that was lost with three balls to go.

The Spitfire Ground St Lawrence

Jess’ ones to watch include Edie Kelly who is in fine form in both batting and bowling, Chloe Woolaway who has been on fire and nailed her bowling technique and Grace Beard who has been batting well in training.

Edie Kelly

Edie Kelly said: “We haven’t had much practice against other teams, but we’ve used the sessions to play practice games against each other which has really helped out the newbies and we have added an extra session each week.

“I’d love to leave with another win under my belt. We have a lot of good new freshers in the team that I don’t think Kent will be expecting, so if everyone keeps their heads and doesn’t let the pressure get to them, I think we can definitely take the win

The matches will be held on Friday 12 with the women’s game at 3pm and the men’s at 6:30pm. With the 2’s playing at 10:30am at Polo Farm.

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