Tips for UK students living with international students

Campus Living Villages created a visual guide to help us UK students understand cultural differences when living with international students.

Last year, over 450,000 international undergraduates joined UK higher education.

With the diversity of university culture, chances of you living with international students are high.

It’s useful to educate yourself with facts and tips to better understand our overseas friends.

Campus Living Villages worked together with international students to create a visual guide.

It includes information on the most common student cultural differences.

Learn about different cultural habits, facts and traditions here‘:

If you’re interested about studying abroad or learning more about international students, you can read more on

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Claisse Opulencia

Claisse is a second-year journalism student and a solo-travel enthusiast. She’s Unified’s Features Editor and curator for #UnifiedFem. She mostly writes about lifestyle, travel and discussing the topics of feminism.

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