Everything you need to know about the 2017 Student Elections

With the CCSU student election results night on Friday Unified have everything you need to know to help you vote.

Prepared to be hounded on campus this week by presidential hopefuls as they battle for your votes to land one of four paid positions.

How do I vote in the CCSU student elections?

You can vote in three ways

  • Visit ccsu.co.uk/elections click the ‘Vote now’ link and login using your CCCU details
  • Download the App and register here
  • Vote in the elections booths on campus

When can I vote?

Voting opened on Monday at 9am and will close on Thursday at 5pm. You have four days to vote.

Why should I vote?

By voting you support:

  • Sports teams
  • The availability of academic resources
  • Societies
  • Your student experience
  • Your rights as a student

If 3,000 students vote there will be another Puppy Day like the one back in December.

5,000 voters, 30 per cent of CCCU students will see an outdoor cinema experience on campus.

Summer Ball tickets will be given away to Broadstairs students if at least 50 vote and to Medway students if 70 vote.

When will the winners be announced?

Unified will present the results night on Friday, March 3 in The Lounge.

There will be performances on the night as well as live coverage by us.

Click here to see our Q&A with

To see all candidate’s manifestos and for more information, visit CCSU’s website


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