Canterbury Varsity

Canterbury Varsity 2017: CCCU give UKC a run for their money at Trenley

Day 6 saw CCCU give UKC a well executed challenge at Trenley Lodge in the Equestrian competition in Canterbury Varsity 2017

An excellent challenge by CCCU at Trenley

It all kicked off on Day 6 of Canterbury Varsity 2017 at Trenley Lodge with the Equestrian where both teams displayed tremendous skills in the Dressage and the Jumping events.

The Dressage was up first with two riders from each university who performed the basic ‘Walk and Trot’ in the Preliminary Stages where UKC came out on top showing a charming display and with no faults. This was followed with the second half of the Dressage with the more advanced test of ‘Walk, Trot and Canter’ where CCCU rider Sophia took the no. 1 spot out of 6 performances. Unfortunately for Christ Church, UKC were already at the top of the scoreboard with and 18-12 lead.

For a lot of the people participating this year, the 2017 Varsity is their first ever competition. CCCU President Evie Heard said to Unified: “It’s just so nice that everyone gets a chance to compete and that’s what is important. It could go either way today, but I am proud of the girls and boys on the team.”

The next event was the Jumping, which began with the Mini Jumps. Each team provided three riders each and what a pleasure to watch it was. CCCU took to the arena first, where one rider knocked a fence down but was determined to carry on, whereas one of the Kent Jumpers was disqualified. UKC Natalie Selby won the Mini Jumps, and Kent also managed to scrape a win in the Match Jumping, but not without knocking over a total of 3 fences. Christ Church had a higher number of penalties and knocks though, and the overall result was 41-30 to UKC. A loss for the CCCU, but both teams performed excellently with great sportsmanship. We’ll get them next year!

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