Varsity 2017

Canterbury Varsity 2017: Victory for CCCU in Men’s 2s Football

Kent thrashed by CCCU 3-0 in the 2s football match in Canterbury Varsity 2017. Claisse Opulencia was there to bring us more.

CCCU gain another win over UKC in the Men’s 2s football

Christ Church won their Men’s Football 2’s Varsity match 3-0 against Kent University. Christ Church scored its first goal only a few minutes into the match. In the first half, Kent University had plenty of missed chances.

Tension rose as they entered the second half still 1-0 down to Christ Church. Christ Church bagged its second goal only 6 minutes into the second half through a free kick. This goal was followed by another making the score 3-0 with only 20 minutes left of the match. Many headers and rough tackles were seen in the second half as Kent University persist on scoring a goal. At full time scuffles broke out during the victory celebrations of Christ Church who took home a 3-0 win.

Varsity 2017 PC Biba Chuta
Varsity 2017
PC Biba Chuta

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