See inside Canterbury’s brand new £1m gym

Canterbury’s DW Fitness gym has just had a one million pound revamp. Their new state of the art equipment is suitable for all levels of gym goers – take a look inside…

Working out and getting fit has always been something I am passionate about and is a fundamental part of my life.

For many though it’s a chore and they have to force themselves down to an average gym and complete the same mundane routine that isn’t getting them the results they want.

That’s where DW Fitness have changed the game with their new gym, filled wall-to-wall with functional equipment; if you can’t get motivated here you wont get motivated anywhere.

See inside the gym below…

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The facilities offered at DW are second to none. As well as the usual dumbbells up to 50kg, resistance machines and cardiovascular equipment they also offer some more exotic and modern training aids.

A state of the art functional rig frame complete with monkey bars, battle ropes, TRX bands and sand bags add a new dimension to working out and improving core strength. Other equipment includes a weight sled, punching bags and even box jumps to spice up workouts and boost motivation.

DW is has an on-site pool for members and boasts a modern Jacuzzi area, steam room and marked swimming lanes.

Hundreds of free parking spaces within metres of the gym is another reasons DW are miles in front of their competition. Rival gyms either have no parking for member’s or rely on nearby supermarkets with a time limit of 1.5 hours.

Having used a number of gyms over the years, from David Lloyd clubs to budget 24 hour centres, I can say that DW Fitness is up there with the best. Not only does it have pool facilities but the quality and variety of equipment really is something to get sweaty about.

Monthly memberships start at £32.00. Other options and promotions are available online here.

Fitness classes are free for members and can be booked online as well as in house personal training sessions offered at competitive prices on a range of areas from injury rehabilitation to weight loss.

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