BUCS Round 6: The results

Enthused by the Varsity hype? Show your support for our teams competing in BUCS and follow up on the Christ Church results this week.

Fixture Results

from Wednesday 16th November 2016

Current BUCS Points Position

  • 68 Liv’ John Moores 325.5
  • 69 Aberystwyth 319
  • 70 Lincoln 316
  • 71 Canterbury CC 315
    • Hockey 68
    • Rugby Union 48
    • Football 44.5
    • Tennis 25
    • Basketball 24
    • Lacrosse 24
  • 72 Hartpury 297



Men’s 1sts won against Hertfordshire 2nds 52:36

Women’s 1sts won against City 1sts 58:37


Cricket (Indoor)

 Women’s 1sts lost to UCL 1sts 90:104




1sts lost to UCL 1sts 0:3

2nds lost to St Mary’s 3rds 0:2

3rds won against Kings College 2nds 5:1

4ths lost to East London 3rds 1:2



1sts lost to Roehampton 1sts 2:8

2nds played East London 1sts with no score




1sts won against Imperial 1sts (Medics) 4:3

2nds won against Kings College 5ths (GKT) 6:0



1sts lost against Portsmouth 1sts 0:5

2nds lost to Surrey 2nds 0:5



Men’s 1sts won against Essex 1sts 14:6

Women’s 1sts lost to St Mary’s 1sts 11:17




1sts drew with Kent 1sts 29:29

2nds lost to Queen Mary 3rds (Barts and The London SMD) 29:32

3rds won against Arts 2nds 43:19


Rugby Union


1sts lost to LSE 1sts 5:29

Women’s Rugby Credit: Elise Foster

2nds lost to Goldsmiths 1sts 22:29


1sts won against Chichester 1sts 15:0


American Football

Mixed 1sts won against Greenwich 1sts 26:0


Stats correct at time of publishing sourced from www.bucs.org.uk 

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